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Revolutionizing home decor space with technology

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Who knew that a 23 year old who left his first job in 90 days would go on to start one of the largest startups in the home décor space and get on board the Cricketing Legend MS Dhoni as the brand ambassador. Srikanth pursued his engineering from Bangalore and then went onto pursue Computer Science at Harvard and not surprisingly started a startup in the same domain as his first shot at entrepreneurship. After dabbling with 2 other stints, Srikanth Iyer founded HomeLane in 2014 where he leveraged technology to bring in accountability and visualization in an industry infamous for the complete opposite. He also serves as a Venture Partner at Unitus Seed Fund and brings his VC side to his business as well as he has built one of the most capital efficient business in the home décor sector. Catch Srikanth Iyer, Co-Founder and CEO of HomeLane on the second episode of Stride Stories, as we go behind-the-scenes with the experienced operator.

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01:29 When did the entrepreneurial bug hit you?
03:27 How did you come up with the idea of HomeLane?
06:20 How important has technology been in an execution intensive business?
11:39 Concept of finite catalogue by HomeLane
19:18 What to outsource and what to not
24:32 What areas should a founder devote time to in a mature startup?
30:45 Importance of commercial advertising in a low-frequency high ticket size business
32:40 How has HomeLane been so capital efficient?
35:24 Difference in consumer behaviour over time and geography
37:58 Rapid Fire
46:30 Indebted to debt


Srikanth Iyer


Ishpreet Singh Gandhi
Founder & Managing Partner


March 1, 2022