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Elevating beyond INR venture debt, we are a global strategic partner offering comprehensive credit solutions to industry-leading innovators worldwide. Our international operations are anchored through the USD Venture Funds we have in GIFT City and Abu Dhabi Global Markets.

Venture Debt Overview


We offer tailored solutions to companies across stages; Series A and beyond.

Ticket Size

We offer an average ticket size of $4 Million.


Our terms are flexible, and the average duration of repayment ranges from 6 to 18 months.

Competitive Terms

Setting an industry benchmark for good governance.

Long-term Orientation

We have a long-term outlook and stand alongside our portfolio founders accordingly.

Value Addition

We provide more than just capital by opening up our network of partners and advisors to founders to add value.

Why Venture Debt

Large Addressable Market


Venture Debt solutions are designed to safeguard your business ownership

Equity-Friendly Growth

Venture Debt solutions are designed to safeguard your business ownership

Smart Financing for Every Stage

Co-Lending Supportive

Empowering you with the agility to navigate and innovate within your sector.


Unlock supply-chain excellence and focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Unlocking Future Potential

Future-value Monetising

Leverage tomorrow’s success today, by securing immediate liquidity.


Beyond onward lending, Venture Debt solutions empower underserved markets.


"We have had an enriching journey and partnership with Stride Ventures. Their expertise and insight into the EV space have been invaluable in driving our growth and the advancement of the industry as a whole. Their commitment to fostering sustainable and forward-thinking initiatives makes them an excellent partner in our mission. We look forward to continuing this collaboration as we work together towards enabling and accelerating the green transition."
Pulkit Khurana
Co-Founder, Battery Smart
"As the founder of BlueStone, I want to highlight the journey we’ve had collaborating with Stride Ventures over the past year. This partnership has been smooth and pivotal through rapid transformations and growth. The team's dedication towards supporting founders, along with their quick decision-making and customised approach, has set them apart. Their post-investment support in our day-to-day financial operations and distribution has been extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Stride as a strategic financial partner."
Gaurav Singh Kushwaha
Founder & CEO, BlueStone
"In the evolving landscape of clean technology, venture debt has emerged as an indispensable ally of CleanTech, enabling players like BluSmart to challenge industry giants and carve out a niche in the competitive Indian market. Green businesses mostly demand significant capital, and our partnership with venture debt such as Stride Ventures has allowed capital-intensive models to grow with agility, facilitating rapid scale-up and through technological advancements."
Anmol Singh Jaggi
Founder, BluSmart
“As the founder of Hector Beverages, I am delighted to endorse Stride Ventures for its exceptional venture debt services. Their astute financial acumen, coupled with an unswerving commitment to fostering growth, has been instrumental in our journey. For us Stride Ventures stands out for its integrity, expertise, and supportive approach. Ishpreet, Abhinav, and Apoorva not only excelled in providing financial solutions but also acted as true business partners. Their strategic insights and tailored advice significantly contributed to our decision-making process, enhancing our growth trajectory. Their partnership goes beyond finance, offering invaluable mentorship and network opportunities."
Neeraj Kakkar
Founder, PaperBoat

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