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From Wall Street to Pioneering Digital Entertainment

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From Princeton to Goldman Sachs to Digital-First Entertainment. Doesn’t sound like a conventional journey right? Well, in the latest episode of Stride Stories we have one of the most resilient, innovative and unconventional founder of the ecosystem, Aditi Shrivastava – Co-Founder and CEO of PocketAces. From Ayush and Barkha from Filtercopy, Dhruv and Kavya from Dice Media, to the lip-smacking dishes on Gobble, nothing better represents GenZ, Entertainment, Content and Tech - together other than PocketAces. We are excited to host the former Wall-Street banker who took the plunge to entrepreneurship and put India on the world map for digital first content and entertainment in the 3rd episode of Stride Stories.

Tune into this podcast to listen to-:

01:15 How was PocketAces born and what is its vision
05:40 When did you realise that you wanted to transform the content and digital entertainment industry?
10:00 Convincing brands about the content-to-commerce play before it was popular in the industry
21:39 Defining the output metrics to track ROI and Engagement - 13:23Building an extensive digital distribution
25:49 How does PocketAces look at short-form video content and influencer marketing to their business strategy?
30:34 Content creation strategy of PocketAces for OTT platforms like Netflix going forward
34:15 Why was Loco spun-off into a separate entity?
37:16 Rapid Fire
46:30 Indebted to Debt


Aditi Shrivastava


Ishpreet Singh Gandhi
Founder & Managing Partner


April 1, 2022