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Distrupting the Lending Space in India 1/3 at a time

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In the latest episode of Stride Stories we host the Founder and CEO of the disruptive fintech startup – Nitin Gupta of UNI.IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, Lehman Brothers, PayU India and Ola, may seem like a long list of accomplishments to most but not him. With disruption and innovation at the core of his being, his ever-lasting energy can be a source of inspiration to the entire ecosystem. With UNI, he has undertaken another challenging yet disruptive journey and we cannot wait to see it unfold in the times to come. Catch the episode to learn more about his plans for UNI – the first of its kind 1/3 credit card offering in India.

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02:05 Childhood and inspiration growing up
04:12 Was entrepreneurship always the plan?
08:50 Evolution of the online payments landscape in India
12:00 Most exciting aspect about payment products backed with credit in times to come
18:55 Balancing expansion of customer base & increase in ROI with credit cost in UNI
22:25 How will the linking of credit cards with UPI impact the interchange fee revenue stream
26:25 Is there a need for more Fintech focused VCs in India
29:15 Rapid Fire
33:37 Indebted to debt


Nitin Gupta


Apoorva Sharma
Managing Partner


August 1, 2022